Chairman of the Waypoint Board of Directors

Monday, 1st June 2020

I am pleased to announce, that Mr. Yiannis Sykas has been appointed as Chairman of the Waypoint Port Services Board of Directors. Mr. Sykas has been a board member since the start of the company and holds various director roles within Bernhard Schulte Shipmanagement (BSM), which he also serves as a member of the management […]


Wednesday, 22nd April 2020

As of 1st March 2020, Waypoint Port Services (WPS) have a fully-fledged organisation in GHANA, thus putting their logo on the African Continent. By taking over the major shares in a local agency previously known as HafenAgentur Ltd,  WPS can confidently serve their customers with dedicated, experienced local staff in this growing and developing country, […]

Unsung heroes – Waypoint Boarding officers

Wednesday, 15th April 2020

Despite the challenges of the Covid-19, with authorities locking us up in our houses world-wide to stay safe, boarding officers across the globe continue providing essential services to ships and their crew. Our Mr. Jan Piether, from Waypoint Port Services INDONESIA travelled over 1.600 Kms to a remote location to hand cash to the master […]

Waypoint Port Services SG continue to provide better services to our esteemed clients

Wednesday, 4th March 2020

WPS Singapore ensures that your crew experience hassle-free ride from any point in Singapore. Whether your crew needs to be picked up from the airport to the pier or hotel to terminal, we can arrange a good comfortable ride anytime. We guarantee prompt & safe delivery of samples, spares and crew round the clock 24/7. […]

Mobile application launch

Sunday, 16th February 2020

For the benefit of our clients, WAYPOINT PORT SERVICES are pleased to launch our mobile phone app which features our: Office and staff CONTACT list LOCATIONS where we operate and services we offer in each location An extensive list of ANCILLARY SERVICES we offer in our ports The latest Waypoint NEWS updated regularly This app, […]

The WAYPOINT Agency Network Centre (ANC) explained on video

Monday, 9th September 2019

The Agency Network Centre (ANC), started operations in 2018 as a long term strategic business in Waypoint. Yet after just over one year, this unit has already exceeded our expectations and up till the end of August 2019, has succeeded in catering for almost 1000 port calls and 3000 crew changes, amongst other services. To […]

WPS PA Staff Development

Tuesday, 27th August 2019

Waypoint Port Services (Panama),  contribute to the constant Training and Education of our local staff.  In August this year, our Supervisors Team attended a course on Supervisors Skills Development provided by HAACI International.  This training provided them with tools and creative methods to take their jobs to optimum performance.  Also, 50% of the staff is […]

WAYPOINT BRAZIL sign an agreement with COSCO SHIPPING (South America)

Monday, 29th July 2019

Waypoint Port Services BRAZIL are honoured to have signed a contract with COSCO SHIPPING (South America) to handle their vessels in several main Brazilian ports. Representing the biggest Shipping company in the world, with 1291 vessels over 100 Million DWT, an organisation ranked within the top 300 companies in the world according to the most […]

Waypoint Port Services Singapore has become an official member of Singapore Shipping Association

Monday, 1st July 2019

Waypoint Port Services Singapore is now an official member of SSA. The Singapore Shipping Association (SSA) represents a wide spectrum of shipping companies and other businesses allied to the shipping industry. The association had been formed in 1985 to support Singapore to become a hub for the international maritime industry. The membership shall enable Waypoint […]

WAYPOINT with increased coverage in South America, now also present in COLOMBIA

Tuesday, 18th June 2019

As part of the expansion of Waypoint Port Services as a global port agency provider, we can now cater for our esteemed principals’ regular business in the REPUBLIC OF COLOMBIA through our Agency Network Centre contactable at COLOMBIA is the 3rd largest economy in terms of GDP in South America and maritime business has […]