Panama Canal

Canal Transits, Port Calls & Husbandry Services

Canal Transit

We provide accurate transit information to our customers by a daily reviewing of PCA ship’s arrival list and constant analysis in order to enable our clients to take decisions as to pre book or not a vessel’s passage considering benefit/cost.

Our experienced operations department is available 24/7.

Knowledge and experience transiting barges, dead tows, tug and different types of barges.

Average number of vessels (including booked ships) per day per category, both directions for February 2023:


SHIPS Supers (91 feet in Beam and over but under 107 feet)


SHIPS Regulars (Beam under 91 feet)


SHIPS Neopanamax (Beam over 107 feet)


SHIPS Oceangoing transits – daily average (overall)


SHIPS Arrivals – daily average (overall)

Port Calls

Personnel is assigned to cover services at all ports throughout the Republic of Panama.

The location of our facilities in conjunction with our team aim to deliver a fast and smooth operation.

Experience to coordinate bunker operations most efficiently in terms of time/costs considering any other activities the ship might have besides the transit as port calls, cargo operations, repairs, etc.

Husbandry Services

We have a team entirely dedicated to husbanding matters such as:

  • Crew changes
  • Cash to masters deliveries
  • Spares parts handling, storage and delivery and dispatch/forwarding
  • Coordination of fresh water delivery, sludge removal, dry dock operations and repairs

Additional Husbandry Services Information