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On Aug 4th, Waypoint Port Services Singapore in collaboration with ITE College Central Maritime Business’s staff and students joined forces with an initiative to promote sustainability in the community with a post-lunch event between Students & Staff at East Coast Park. Everyone plays a part towards a safe and sustainable environment. Participating in such a meaningful beach clean-up is one way to keep the beaches and the environment healthy for everyone. Marine Pollution is much closer to our shores than we may think, but we can all play a part in reducing it by using recyclables products or disposing of our waste properly.

The beach clean-up aims to spread awareness about marine pollution and how it affects ocean life. This helps to save marine animals and preserve our natural treasures by keeping toxic chemicals out of the sea. Everyone has the importance of taking responsibility of our beaches, reflecting on how their habits and actions affect the environment’s sustainability.

This clean-up was an epiphany for Waypoint staff and ITE College students. But by the end of the 3-hour beach cleaning, 268 kg of waste was collected. Participants went home with a smile and joy, knowing they were significant in bringing positivity and giving back to Mother Nature.

By working together, we can eliminate one-use plastics from our lives, reduce pollution, cultivate everyone in social responsibility, and protect the world for future generations! Even the most minor actions can be meaningful with the support of a wider community and contribute to a more significant cause.

We want to extend our heartfelt appreciation to ITE College Central staff & students for participating in this meaningful event that contributes to environment.

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