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To celebrate their 1st anniversary since starting operations, Waypoint Port Services INDIA decided that the best way to mark this significant date, was to dedicate some of their time helping those less fortunate.

First they teamed up with the JEEVAN SAMVARDHAN FOUNDATION. The entire Waypoint team, led by our capable Country Manager Mr. Sandeep Galve, visited the foundation in person to hand in a financial donation that will assist children in Mumbai to have access to higher education. Our team spent time with the children handing them gifts, playing with them and gave them advice for their future. The foundation works tirelessly to make children’s’ lives better putting in passion, love and care, and must be commended for their brilliant work.

Our team also visited the ADIVASI COMMUNITY handing out a large amount of food and other basic necessities. This gesture was highly appreciated by the tribe while it was a fulfilling experience for the Waypoint team to help people in need, while appreciate the challenges the Adivasi have in their everyday life.

Finally the Waypoint INDIA team visited the JANIV OLD AGE HOME where they donated food and other items to the residents there, apart from spending time chatting with the community.

I am privileged to have such a generous group of people @ Waypoint INDIA and must thank Sandeep Galve for his idea and his initiative, and for the effort and energy he and the team spent on organising the entire event, and taking their free time to help others. I sincerely hope other shipping related entities in Mumbai will replicate our initiative in supporting these, and other charitable foundations, as often as possible.

Angelo Cachia
Managing Director
Waypoint Port Services

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