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WPS Philippines

In prioritising our efforts to be close to our core clients, Waypoint Port Services are excited to announce the establishment of WAYPOINT PORT SERVICES (PHILIPPINES) INCORPORATED, with the local head…
July 3, 2023

Procedure for Crew arriving in Brazil

In accordance with Law 13455/24 May 2017; Decree 9199/20 November 2017; Interministerial Regulation Nº3 from 27 February 2018; Normative Instruction nº 154-DG/PF, 31 January 2020; Normative Instruction Nº198-DG/PF, 16 June…
May 3, 2023

WPS United States

Waypoint Port Services are proud to announce the establishment of WAYPOINT PORT SERVICES USA LLC.  As part of our global expansion strategy, our office in Houston, Texas, will offer our…
May 2, 2023

Visit to Casa Esperanza

During their recent visit to PANAMA, our Managing Director Mr. Angelo Cachia and Finance Director Mr. Periklis Christofi, together with the local management, visited Casa Esperanza  to reaffirm our committed…
February 23, 2023

WPS Dominican Republic

What a way to end the year! Waypoint Port Services proudly announce the opening of our first office in the Caribbean, that of the Dominican Republic. The main office, located…
December 12, 2022