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This is to place on record that the local agents m/s. Waypoint Port Services, Visakhapatnam have rendered the flawless services during the vessel stay at Visakhapatnam. PIC of Waypoint Visakhapatnam, Mr. Satya with his team, have made excellent arrangements particularly to position the vessel in place for discharging with the shore arm by wharfing 3 vessels ahead in a major port like Viakhapatnam against all odds in a record time with his rapport with the Port Authorities to save time and money in the interest vessel / owners / charterers. Further the local Waypoint Tteam managed to retain the vessel at berth for bunkers and avoided vessel shifting to the anchorage which would have costed a fortune. Other services like freshwater supply, garbage removal and attending to sire inspector are perfectly intime and appreciated the services.