Waypoint Port Services team up with Iberica Maritima S.A.

Waypoint Port Services team up with Iberica Maritima S.A.

Tuesday, 5th September 2017

After two years of collaborating on an ad-hoc basis, Waypoint Port Services (WPS) have contracted Iberica Maritima S.A. to act as their official Sub-Agents in Spain, Gibraltar and Portugal.

This is the first sub-agency contract WPS have signed to cement their business relationship with their partners, after seeing the professional, efficient and problem free agency services Iberica Maritima S.A. have been providing. In 2016 alone, WPS handed over 300 port calls to Iberica Maritima S.A. and these were handled in the most efficient way possible and totally incident free.

I have been impressed with Iberica’s work ethic, error-free final Disbursement Accounts and their overall efforts and initiatives to find new businesses for Waypoint. But above all, we can count on their first-class service to our principals”, commented Mr. Angelo Cachia, the newly appointed Managing Director for Waypoint Port Services.

Iberica Marítima’s CEO Mr. Jordi Marti & CCO Mr. Alex Seno, in representation to all attending offices in Spain, are fully committed to focus on a WIN-WIN prevalence for the Waypoint agency network. Iberica Maritima is a leading ship’s agency in Spain, handling over 1500 cargo operations per year & an overall of 500 husbandry calls, including BSM.

Ibérica Marítima may extend upon request the husbandry agency service for Waypoint Ports within Morocco & Algeria.

Currently Waypoint are in negotiation with a number of prospective sub-agents in Asia and the Middle-East with the aim of cooperating with them in port agency services. Several regular principals are calling upon Waypoint to handle their vessels across the globe, therefore this push to widen the geographical scope of coverage will continue.

Waypoint Port Services are in expansion mode and this contract is the first of many to take place in the 4th quarter 2017 and in 2018 as the port agency services provider, who are already present on 5 continents, seek to widen their coverage by both opening owned offices, as well as contracting reliable sub-agents. The volume of vessels handled this year is on the rise with Brazil leading the pack, already clocking a staggering 84% increase in vessels handled year on year, mainly cargo loading operations. In Panama, the canal transit activities have exceeded 25% of the transits year on year, whilst the husbanding activities have increased exponentially, given that Waypoint caters for at least 4 main ship management and crewing companies. The Waypoint office in Indonesia has just taken over a new liner agency activity and will be expanding in two new cities, whilst also attending to regular ship stores supplies and provisions to their clients. Waypoint Port Services in Singapore have already exceeded the number of crew changes by 15% when compared to 2016 whilst they handle more than five vessels each day of the week.





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