Waypoint Port Services PANAMA expand their portfolio of Services

Waypoint Port Services PANAMA expand their portfolio of Services

Wednesday, 17th January 2018

Waypoint Port Services in PANAMA have started 2018 in the best way possible, thanks to their growth in offering new services to our many clients.

Given the expertise of our local management and their team in Panama, Seachef Hospitality Services (http://seachef.com) added WPS Panama to their list of preferred service providers. In fact, after a trial period in December, our team have already provided ship chandelling services to many vessels on their behalf. This is a very important achievement for Waypoint in Panama given the sterling reputation, the excellent quality and high standard Seachef are reputed for in ship chandelling services globally. Maintaining their high quality levels and timely delivery expectations, keeps our team on their toes and focused on delivering an impeccable service.

Mr. Franklin Pena Garcia, Operations Manager stated; “We have invested a lot of effort to ensure this milestone is reached in such a short time. Now we have to make sure we maintain the high standards set by Seachef and ensure our clients know of this service they can get through Waypoint Port Services Panama”.

Over the past first days of this new year, Waypoint Panama have also performed underwater inspection and hull cleaning for one of our clients, while the vessel was awaiting for its turn for the Panama Canal Transit. After investing time, energy and effort in the latter part of last year, it is pleasing to be able to offer this new critical service to our customers. “This was something our clients have been asking for lately, and I am pleased that now we can add this advantage to our patrons”, was the comment of Mr. Francisco Torne, Transit & Port Operations Manager.

All the above combined with competitive prices and excellent service levels, offer a value-for-money package to all clients.

Well done to all the Waypoint Panama team!

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