Waypoint Port Services achieve significant growth in BRASIL

Waypoint Port Services achieve significant growth in BRASIL

Tuesday, 21st November 2017

Waypoint Port Services achieve significant growth in BRASIL

Despite being one of the most challenging countries to operate in, BRASIL is rewarding Waypoint with success after success, mainly thanks to the experienced team of professionals we have throughout the country.

Here are some bold facts and statistics up till the end of October 2017.

> 68% growth in port calls versus 2016, with an average of 32 vessels handled per week.

> 75% increase in Crew Changes, effected throughout the entire Brasilian coast.

> We are the 2nd biggest agent in Paranagua handling Soya Bean loadings and have an 11% of the Grain Market share in Santos, making us one of the Top 4 loading agencies.

> Waypoint Brasil boast over 30 active principals entrusting their vessels and cargoes to us on a regular monthly basis.

> With our local head office in Santos, we cover over 40 ports in the country.

> We are trusted as Owner’s and Charterer’s Protective Agents for cargoes such as gasoline, vegetable oil and fertilisers, knowing the challenges when loading and discharging these commodities.

> We continue giving important ancillary services such as underwater hull cleaning, hold cleaning and vessel provisions throughout the Brasilian coastline.

> Our team strive to offer our principals a proactive approach to their port call, trying to reduce their port stay cost as we believe that A-dollar-saved-is-a-dollar-made!

While everyone at Waypoint Port Services congratulate our Brasileiros colleagues, we believe that this expansion will continue and more milestones will be achieved in 2018.

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