Singapore Changi Airport – Plaza Premium Lounge

Singapore Changi Airport – Plaza Premium Lounge

Friday, 7th February 2020

Waypoint Port Services touts “A dollar saved is a dollar made”, and truly our company is always considering ways on how to save and yet not compromise our quality service.

In line with this, we are pleased to introduce our new partnership with Singapore Changi Airport – Plaza Premium Lounge for the lounge access service for the crew. With the access to the airport lounge, instead of making extra transport trips to hotel for meals or room day use, there is an option for you to put the crew at the airport lounge for a quick meal / shower before joining vessel (on signers) or boarding their flight (off signers). The best part is that Duty Free shop is just a few steps away, hence off signers can have enough time to buy their presents before their flight home.

The crew is the backbone of the vessel, hence pampering them in simple ways is always appreciated. Be rest assured Waypoint Ports Services is set on how to provide quality service every time that is worth every penny.

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