Panama Canal – Additional Information

Panama Canal – Additional Information

Transit Expenses

Transit tolls and others related charges such as towage, wire handling, inspections, etc depends on vessel’s particulars and characteristics¬†such as type of vessel, Displacement, LOA, BEAM, Max Oil Carrying Capacity and amount of wires that requires for the lockage therefore we have prepared charts for quick reference.

PCNET (Panama Canal Net Tonnage) is a volume¬†unit obtained by the ACP based on ship’s GRT, LOA and BEAM and all spaces suitable to accommodate cargo.

In order to obtain exact transit expenses please contact us.

Tolls Calculator

As an additional tool, the ACP (Panama Canal Authority) provides on their website, the possibility of running the calculations for the Tolls, Booking Fee and Additional Transit Expenses. You can find the find the calculation software on the below link:


Quick References (Regulations & Check List for Masters)